Minor Dent Removal

Car park dents, shopping trolley knocks and miscellaneous small dings and dents can really ruin your cars appearance. In conjunction with a well established professional local company we are now able to offer a minor dent removal service which can enhance the look and the value of your car.

With the aid of specialist hand made tools which have been carefully crafted to fit into tricky areas behind the panels of your car, the professionals gently push and ease out small and large dents. Your paint finish remains intact and the dented panel returns to its original shape

  • This work can be done on all types of vehicles
  • Manufactures warranty remains intact
  • We charge from £55.00 per panel
  • As there is no filler or painting in the process there are no material charges only labour
  • Keeps your original paint finish

Ring Jamie Slee on 01449 720222 to arrange for a quotation and to book an appointment.