Hood reconditioning and waterproofing

The build up of dirt and grime on a fabric roof can result in it looking tired and worn out prematurely. Fabric roofs allow grime and algae to build quickly which can leave your cars roof looking very unsightly.

With our new service the roof of the car is thoroughly cleaned using specific cleaners designed for fabric roofs and then reconditioned and waterproofed using specialist re-proofing agents, this will restore your cars roof to looking its best and help to maintain its water resistance for as long as possible. This service is also available for vinyl hoods.

If your rear screen in your hood has become scratched or opaque making it difficult to see through, don't worry we are able to restore the clarity to within 10% of it's original condition. If your screen is damaged we can fit a new one for less than you think (without replacing the hood as some dealers would have you believe) ask us for a quote.

Ring Jamie Slee on 01449 720222 to arrange for a booking!